100% Pure Organic Lemon Essential Oil
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100% Pure Organic Lemon Essential Oil 100% Pure Organic Lemon Essential Oil 100% Pure Organic Lemon Essential Oil

100% Pure Organic Lemon Essential Oil


PURELIFE's Organic Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum) is from Italy and is 100% Pure and of Therapeutic Quality, produced from the fresh peels by cold expression.


Lemon Essential Oil (Organic) is a light, citrusy, clean fragrance, and is a great example of what is considered a “top note” in aromatherapy. Lemon Essential Oil is a potential phototoxin and should not be used before going in the sun or tanning.

Lemons trees are small evergreens that reach between 9 to 19 feet high. They have pale green leaves and white or pink flowers that have a strong scent. A single lemon tree can provide up to 1,500 lemons every year.

The lemon tree originated in Asia and was introduced to Greece in the second century AD. Currently it is found throughout the Mediterranean and in the United States, where Florida and California are the largest producers. Romans used Lemon Essential Oil as a fragrance for clothing and to repel insects. Pharmacist Nicholas Lemery popularized Lemon Oil in the late 17th century by emphasizing its medicinal properties. It was also used by the British Navy to combat scurvy on long sea voyages.

Common Uses:

Lemon Essential Oil (Organic) has been used a lymphatic decongestant helping with obesity, high blood pressure, cellulite, and cholesterol. It is has been used for helping treat urinary stones and gall stones. Its aromatic qualities are thought to be effective at relieving symptoms of headaches, insomnia, and nausea. Lemon Essential Oil is also used for varicose veins, nosebleeds, and hemorrhoids due to its ability to help circulation and tone blood vessels.

Lemon Essential Oil (Organic) is antiviral, which is why it is commonly used to fight colds and the flu. It is also antiseptic making it a great natural cleaner, when diluted it can be sprayed in hospitals or around the home.

In traditional Chinese medicine Lemon Essential Oil (Organic) is used to sharpen the focus of Intellect (Yi). It simultaneously calms and invigorates the mind. Lemon is thought to be a mild aphrodisiac and is associated with Venus.

Lemon is one of Purelife’s most popular oils and for good reason. It’s fresh scent, therapeutic properties, and versatility makes it a powerful addition to your home. Here are many ways lemon oil can be used to improve your life- some you might know but many you haven’t heard until now.

  1. Enhance Mental Clarity- Diffusing lemon oil in your office or home will help with concentration.
  1. Boost Your Energy- Add a few drops to your bath water to experience the uplifting properties of lemon oil.
  1. Uplift Your Mood- Lemon oil has long been used as a natural treatment to help boost spirits and relax nervousness.
  1. Natural Hand Sanitizer- It’s antiseptic properties make it a great natural alternative to hand sanitizer. Be careful using it in direct sunlight though, as it can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.
  1. Insect Repellant- Recent studies have shown that lemon oil is more effective than DEET. Which is great news, since DEET has terrible effects on health.
  1. Relieve Insect Bites- If you forgot to use your lemon oil before going outside and found you’ve been bitten, lemon oil is also great for treating bug bites.
  1. Degreaser- Lemon is a great degreaser. Add a couple drops to your soap to remove grease from dishes or your hands.
  1. Soothe a Sore Throat- An age old remedy- add a couple drops of lemon oil to your tea or water when your throat is sore for relief.
  1. Give Your Immune System a Boost- Lemon oil promotes lymphatic drainage which will help give your immune system an extra boost. Add it to water, tea or your favorite recipes for a kick-start during flu and cold season. 
  1. Healthy Hair- By adding lemon oil to your shampoo, you’ll refresh your hair. Many people also use lemon oil to combat dandruff.
  1. Label Remover- Use lemon oil to remove labels, stickers, and even gum from surfaces. 
  1. Teeth Whitener- Rub a mixture of baking soda, lemon oil, and coconut oil on your teeth and let it sit for 2 minutes for a natural teeth-whitening option. 
  1. Wood Polish- Lemon oils will not only disinfect your cutting boards, it will also help preserve and polish them. Add a couple drops in carrier oil and rub it into wood surfaces for the best results.
  1. Remove Odors- Lemon oil makes a fantastic fresh and clean smelling air freshener. Either add it to your diffuser or mix it in a spray bottle with your other favorite oils, such as eucalyptus.
  1. Freshen Laundry- When you’ve left your laundry in the wash too long, all you need to do is add a couple drops of lemon oil and dry. This will keep the mildew and mold at bay and make your clothes smell fresh. 
  1. Lower Blood Pressure- Add 10 drops to your bath water or diffuser to help calm your mind and lower your blood pressure.
  1. Relieve Nausea- Ginger has long been touted as a natural remedy to relieve nausea, but lemon is nearly equally as effective. When nausea strikes add a few drops of lemon and a few drops of ginger to a small glass of water for relief.
  1. Enhance Your Favorite Dishes- Lemon is a great compliment and adds a citrus element to many desserts. Try adding a couple drops to your favorite recipe to lighten and freshen the flavor.  
  1. Get in the Mood- A natural aphrodisiac, lemon oil is calming and a known aphrodisiac.
  1. Prolong Produce Shelf Life- If you add a couple of drops of lemon oil to cold water and thoroughly rinse your produce to prolong it’s shelf life.
  1. Improve Your Water- We all know we need to drink more water. Adding drops of lemon oil to your water not only tastes great but improves metabolism.
  1. Treat Acne- Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties make lemon oil a great solution for treating acne. Make your own natural face wash with lemon oil or add a few drops to your existing wash.
  1. Battle Colds and Flu- Lemon oil has strong antiviral properties which will help when you are sick. Add a couple drops to your tea or water for relief.
  1. Glass Cleaner- A natural option as a glass cleaner, if you add lemon oil to water spray bottle.
  1. Disinfect Bathrooms- A strong antibacterial agent, lemon has long been used in cleaning products. Mix vinegar and lemon oil diluted in water for a strong, natural, and clean smelling product.
  1. Relieve Warts and Callouses- Lemon oil will help break up and loosen tough skin. Just apply a couple drops to trouble areas consistently for natural relief.
  1. Treat Bad Breath- Lemon oil not only will help bad breath, it fights the bacteria that causes bad breath.
  1. Skin Toning- Add lemon to your daily facial lotion for help with your complexion. It will brighten and refresh your skin.
  1. Combating Nail Fungus- Its antibacterial properties make lemon oil a great option for treating nail fungus. Apply a couple drops to your affected nails several times a day. This may take a couple weeks but it’s a great natural option.
  1. Promote Weight Loss- Lemon boosts metabolism and also tastes great in water, helping you curb your appetite. 
  1. Headache Relief- Lemon oil promote both relaxation and is great for blood pressure. When you are experiencing a headache, dab a couple drops on your forehead for relief. 
  1. Help Varicose Veins- Lemon oil improves circulation and tones blood vessels, so it’s great for varicose veins. Just add it to your lotion and apply to trouble areas.
  1. Natural Face Wash- We now know that lemon oil is great for cleaning around the house, but it is also works great as a natural face wash combating acne. Add a couple drops to your face or make your own.
  1. Asthma- Lemon oil can reduce the inflammation associated with asthma. It can be applied topically or inhaled for relief.

General Safety Considerations:

  • Do not ingest essential oils.
  • Do not apply to sensitive areas such as the eyes or mucous membranes.
  • Dilute before applying to the skin.
  • The information on this site is should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Essential oils are not an appropriate treatment of illnesses.
  • Contact your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing or for use on children before using essential oils.
  • The information on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA.