The 5 Best Essential Oils to Boost Focus Productivity

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You know those days at the office where a fog settles over your mind and you just can’t seem to bounce out of it? And sometimes that extra cup of coffee is just not doing the trick.

Essential oils can help greatly with concentration, focus and overall productivity. Many of our customers, along with our own staff, use oils to help them be as effective as possible during their work day.

Try using the oils below in our diffuser necklaces or diffuser bracelets throughout your day and see which ones are most beneficial to you personally.

1 - Vetiver

Vetiver is quickly becoming one of Purelife Boutique’s favorite essential oils! In our 2016 survey, customers told us they were having great success using vetiver for concentration.

Studies have shown that vetiver both calms and focuses the mind. It’s even been successfully used in children with ADHD. We recommend adding vetiver to every essential oil collection because it’s benefits are exciting and impressive!

2 - Lemon

Essential oils in the citrus family have long been used for focus. Lemon is known for reducing mental fatigue, increasing energy, and easing anxiety.

Adding lemon to your diffuser jewelry is a great way to improve concentration. It’s light and refreshing aroma makes it a great choice for mixing with other focus boosting oils.

3 - Rosemary

Rosemary is an often overlooked essential oil, which is a shame because it has wonderful woody aroma that has been shown to keep your mind alert and focused.

We love adding rosemary to citrus oils such as lemon or grapefruit for a mental focus boost. Add a couple drops to your necklace or diffuser and enjoy the pleasant aroma but also the calm concentration it brings. Rosemary is great for a long day at the computer or before important meetings.

4 - Grapefruit

Besides the delightful aroma of grapefruit essential oil, it’s another oil that’s been shown to promote the focus needed for long hours of studying or working. In fact, in every list of concentration boosting essential oils, grapefruit is always at the top.

When you add grapefruit to your diffuser jewelry, you’ll get to enjoy the concentrated benefits of the oils that can be overly diluted through air diffusers. You can also add grapefruit oil in small amounts or with a carrier oil directly to the skin. Be careful to keep the area out of the sun though because nearly all citrus oils react with sunlight.

5 - Peppermint

Peppermint is a great oil that always smells clean and fresh. And not only does peppermint improve focus, studies have shown it also improves memory.

Have a big presentation or test coming up? Add peppermint oil to your diffuser jewelry while preparing and then again on your big day and you’ll activate memory neurons that’ll keep you sharp.

Improve your focus today

These five oils are great for busting through that brain fog, which seems to come out of nowhere - often on the days we need clarity most. Try each of these oils individually to see which work best for you or in a blend that offers you the benefits with a unique aroma.

We recommend blending a citrus, like lemon or grapefruit, with an earthy undertone, like vetiver or rosemary. The high notes of the citrus offer a nice contrast to the musky aromas.

As mentioned earlier, many of our customers prefer to enjoy their favorite aromas throughout the day by diffusing them from our aromatherapy jewelry, instead of rubbing them straight onto their skin.

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