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Your mid-thirties is the perfect time to get a jump start on caring for your health and preparing for what your forties bring.

Turning 40 is considered a time of health transitions where you may experience slower metabolism, hormone changes, fluctuations in sleep patterns, and reduced memory.

Your forties often brings the dreaded but inevitable menopause.

Because your body is about to start going through it’s own version of a mid-life crisis, it’s a good idea to implement good health habits with these upcoming changes in mind. By getting a head start on your health, you’ll be able to curb some of life’s fast balls.

Clary Sage oil (Salvia sclarea) is the best known for it’s benefits in women’s health. Clary Sage oil use dates back to the writings of Theophrastus, a Greek philosophy student of Plato and Aristotle, considered the father of botany.

Used since 4th century BCE, Clary Sage oil is known for its properties, which improve hormone balance, skin tone, digestion, stress, mood, and alleviate both menstrual pains and menopause symptoms.

Clary Sage has also long been used in midwifery practices for aiding in pain relief during childbirth. Pregnant women shouldn’t use Clary Sage because of it’s potential for stimulating early contractions. Though this effect has not been formally documented, it’s better to play it safe.

In fact, no matter your, age Clary Sage oil offers you health benefits throughout your life. Let’s take a look at these 11 incredible benefits of Clary Sage - benefits that earned Clary Sage it’s reputation as an essential oil for women’s health throughout the centuries.  

1. Improve Hormone Balance

Clary Sage contains naturally occurring phytoestrogens, which are chemicals that mimic the hormone estrogen. Phytoestrogens sometimes get a bad rap in the role they play in estrogen dominance, but they occur in such low levels in Clary Sage it shouldn’t worry you. Overall, Clary Sage works by balancing hormone levels in the body.

As women age, their estrogen level naturally decrease, which leads to menopause and the increased risk for cancers of the reproductive system. Through encouraging natural hormone balance, Clary Sage helps maintain a healthy balance throughout life.

Clary Sage has also been used with success in post-menopausal women to help reduce the impact of symptoms such as depression, stress, and improving thyroid function.

2. Revitalize Your Skin

Clary Sage has been used for thousands of years to improve skin tone. High in linalyl acetate, Clary Sage reduces inflammation of the skin, regulates oil production, and improves acne.

Trade out your facial moisturizer for a natural Clary Sage and jojoba oil blend. By mixing these two oils in a one-to-one ratio, you can easily create a natural skin care product that will keep your skin hydrated and pimple free.  

3. Reduce Stress

Clary Sage essential oil is a known natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety remedy. Studies have found that Clary Sage is very effective in reducing cortisol levels (your stress hormone).

Clary Sage has long been used by midwives to reduce anxiety in laboring women. It also has euphoric properties and can leave those who use it feeling at-ease and happy.

4. Boosts Metabolism

Your gastric juices are vital to a healthy metabolism because they break down food into its nutritional components. Clary Sage essential oil is great for boosting the secretion of these juices. Clary Sage also reduces constipation, which helps your metabolism stay strong.

You can consume very small amounts of the highest quality Clary Sage oil for a metabolism boost. Add one drop of the best Clary sage oil to a smoothie or tea. It’s best to check with your doctor before you ingest any essential oils due to their potent properties.

5. Improve Mood

Clary Sage has been used as a mood elevator for thousands of years. It has antidepressive properties and may improve dopamine levels. Clary Sage is also used during childbirth to effectively reduce anxiety.

Overall, Clary Sage improves mental resilience and can help those suffering from depression. Inhalation of Clary Sage may help your mood - try adding it to your essential oil diffuser jewelry or air diffuser on those particularly tough days.

6. Stimulate Circulation

Clary Sage relaxes and opens blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure and improves circulation. Not only does this effect improve circulation, it has a cascading impact on your overall health as it improves blood flow and oxygen to your brain, organs, and muscles.

7. Aids Digestion

Clary Sage increases gastric acid and bile secretion, which is essential to proper digestion. Known to relieve constipation, bloating, cramps, and indigestion, Clary Sage essential oil can be diluted and applied directly to the abdomen. Clary Sage also encourages better nutrient absorption.

Clary Sage can heal stomach ulcers and help keep your whole gastrointestinal tract running smoothly. You can also create a compress by adding a couple drops of Clary Sage to a warm, wet washcloth to gain digestion benefits.

8. Promotes Better Sleep

Clary Sage naturally relaxes you and promotes deeper sleep. As a natural sedative, it can help those suffering from insomnia. Through its numerous health benefits, such as, reducing stress and improving hormone balance, it aids you in achieving higher quality sleep.

Add a couple of drops of Clary Sage to your pillowcase at night. You can also create a linen spray by diluting your Clary Sage oil with water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture across your sheet before bed each night for a better night’s sleep.

9. Prevents Infections

Clary Sage has antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties, making it a great essential oil for naturally fighting infection.

A 2015 study revealed that Clary Sage was able to kill the highly resistant Staphylococcus bacteria, where other antibiotics failed. Also, Clary Sage is a powerful topical treatment option for preventing skin infections in wounds due to its strong antiseptic properties.

Careful when using Clary Sage essential oil, it’s very potent and only requires a few drops (5 drops max) when used on cuts. It’s even safer if you dilute your Clary Sage oil in a carrier oil such as jojoba or hemp oil.

10. Soothe Menstrual Symptoms

Studies have found that Clary Sage is effective in reducing period symptoms, such as mood swings, cramps, and bloating. Clary Sage acts as an antispasmodic and can actually reduce spasms that cause menstrual cramps.

For the best cramp relief, mix five drops of Clary Sage essential oil with carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil. Apply your mixture directly to your abdomen.

11. Alleviate Menopause Symptoms

Clary Sage essential oil is an effective natural remedy for women suffering from symptoms relating to menopause onset such as depression, stress, and hormone imbalance.

Through its ability to balance hormones and act as an antidepressant, Clary Sage is effective at reducing symptoms of the transitional phase of menopause. Clary Sage also reduces cortisol levels (your stress hormone), which is commonly affected as women enter menopause.

For maximum impact, apply Clary Sage directly to your skin with a carrier oil or diffuse it on-the-go with our essential oil jewelry. By implementing Clary Sage into your health routine before the onset of menopause you can help reduce the overall impact of negative symptoms.

Clary Sage is Excellent for Women’s Health

Clary Sage offers health benefits to women at all stages of their life. From alleviating PMS cramps, to better hormone balance, to menopause symptoms, Clary Sage is great for women.

As you get older it’s more important to pay attention to your health and get ahead of your body's changes. By implementing healthy habits early, you can curb some of the negative impacts of hormonal shifts and menopause.

Clary Sage is a powerful ally against the changes in a women’s body. Try applying it directly to your skin or diluted with a carrier oil. Or if you’d like the concentrated impact of inhaling Clary Sage, diffuse it with an essential oil diffuser necklace or an aromatherapy bracelet. Diffusing Clary Sage in an air diffuser is also good, but it’s the most diluted method of use.

Enjoy better skin, elevated mood, balanced hormones, and improve digestion with Clary Sage essential oil. This oil has been used for thousands of years and for good reason! It’s wonderful for your health and offers lifelong benefits.


Though Clary Sage Essential Oil is non-toxic and a non-irritant, it has been known to cause unpleasant effects when used with alcohol. It also may intensify the effects of pain medication.

Women who are pregnant should not use Clary Sage, as there are histories of premature contractions, miscarriages, etc. It might also cause drowsiness. Always use Clary Sage with a carrier oil and carefully.

You should always consult with your doctor when using any essential oils.

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